Saturday, December 6, 2008

Petroleum Jelly as Penis Enlarger

There have been scattered but numerous reports and talk in the country that some men and even teens found another use for petroleum jelly – and that is to enlarge their penis. In prisons, high schools, military and who-knows-where, men and boys subject themselves to have their penises injected with petroleum jelly. This is a urologists nightmare, because men who seek their help complained of infections and they have to resort to an operation to remove the petroleum jelly including the skin and subcutaneous tissue of the penis. Skin grafting is also done to cover large defects.

Petroleum is a gas and jelly is the hardened gelatinous juice of fruit, meat and others. And petroleum jelly is a collection of solid heavier products like crude oil. It is used in industrial or mechanized lubrication of moving parts and vacuum systems.

But petroleum jelly can also be used for health applications. It can seal capped lips and moisturize dry skin. It is also used to soften corns and calluses. Burn can be relieved by applying petroleum jelly on the burnt area after it has cooled down to keep the skin from drying. Itching and other irritations can also be relieved.

Petroleum jelly is meant for external use only and injecting it in the penis is dangerous.

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Normand said...

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